Hi Bill,
Since my last post, I've tried my KN7 with the "Video Out" plugged into the "Video In" on my TV with mixed results.
Most of the screen details show up ok, but some of the smaller numbers / letters are very smudgy & indistinct, & impossible to determine. Changing the aspect ratio makes no difference.

I've tried altering the various settings on the TV with no benefit. The KN7 settings have no effect on the TV screen.

As I also have a Tyros 4, I've also hooked it up to the TV as well & the Tyros 4 screen shows up perfectly on the TV.

At a retailer today, I hooked up the KN7 to one of their new TV's & the KN7 screen appeared with the same issues as I had at home.
There appears to be some issue with the KN7 Video Out" & the TV's video inputs: Resolution, Contrast, etc.

I also tried connecting The KN7 "Video Out" to a couple of different brand Portable DVD Players "Video In", & to my surprise both of the DVD's showed either NO SIGNAL or nothing.

The 2nd hand screens are starting to look attractive.