Hi Bill & Mark,
Yes, I've checked out the video clips.
I can buy a similar "BOX" locally for about AU $50.
A monitor of some sort would then be required to use it with, but the smallest ones are about 19". This would be way too big to use in a live situation.

I have been researching various forums to see what others in this situation have done (PSR S900) & it seems like the simple & popular choice is to buy a "Portable DVD Player" & use it as an external display.

Plug the supplied Composite RCA lead (Yellow) into the KN7 Video out & plug the other end (3.5mm 4 pole plug) into the AV IN on the Portable DVD Player.

Apparently no matter which system you use, some people have had problems to get it to work. It will be a case of trial & error.

I can buy a compatible new LCD from USA with a cost of approx. AU $550 plus shipping. The risk is that there may be other problems with the KN which will need sorting out as well.

I have had a look at various items & options locally & will make a decision soon.