Everyone over here knows that I am a GREAT fan of Ketron as well as AJAMSONIC products, so I have no agenda or time for sensation seeking and/or badmouthing these products in any way!


I also considered changing the rbk on my Audya file using a hex editor & surely this is easy to do. But!!!

Here's the current situation I find myself in:

Currently, with the AJAMSONIC upgrade installed, MSP files can * * * ONLY * * * be loaded on start-up & * * * ONLY * * * through the activated rbk file. I can no longer load MSPs myself to listen to them before deciding which ones to put in the current rbk file using a hex editor.

This is a * * * MAJOR * * * defect as I can no longer use those wonderful MSP sounds to my personal taste. Someone ought to * * * FIX * * * this & JUST as is the case with styles, I suspect it has once again only to do with copy protection.

Good heavens, the price we users have to pay for others to copy protect their work!!! It is hilariously silly really compared to for instance Yamaha!

Come on you culprits responsible for this. * * * YOU BROKE IT * * * It WAS working perfectly. Now * * * PLEASE FIX IT * * * so that we can once again sing our praises to your products as we used to openly!!! Keeping silent on the issue is not going to do anyone any good.

I do coding for serious process automation systems for a living. If do do something similar & do not fix it immediately, I would be fired!!!

Make sure you'll fly forever!