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AJAMSONIC REVIEW - 02/09/14 04:04 AM


this is a short review of my impressions on AJAMSONIC ( SSD-Version ).

1. Installation was absolutely no problem ( ok, it wasn´t the first time I opened my Audya5 and changed the hd / ssd )
The delivered IDE / SSD adaptor caused a few errors ( init-phase, reading errors, system hangups ), so I replaced it with mine, no more problems so far.

2. One of my favourite styles ( „*Polka“ from the ballroom-section, Ketron PenUpdate 2011 ) didn´t work correct ( no Bass in Var A and C ). After a new installation oft the 2011-stick it worked again… until I changed the „ins. Autoload“ to the „all_128A.rbk“.
So I added the relevant Instruments ( Bass&Guit + Italostrat.ins ) manually to he „piano-ins“ page. Trying to save this new setup didn´t work, no idea why. So I changed the all… with a hex editor, now everything is working fine.

3. All my “startup” settings ( splitpoint, tabs and so on. ) were gone, I had to do a lot of work again. After thinking a few minutes about it it´s quite normal that these settings will go lost…nevertheless :
A hint in the installation manual would be helpful to write down all relevant settings PRIOR starting the update wink.

4. I can´t load any oft he *.msp files ( arpeggio ), I always get an „msp system error“. I´ve got approx. 40 MBs of free ram, so normally this should work. Adding „normal“ .ins files works without problems. The „clean all“ feature didn´t work as well.
Meanwhile AJ told me that this problem is caused by the Audya´s operating system, it´s a "known bug"

5. Even though I won´t need a lot of from the new styles, they sound great.
6. The voices : I really LOVE the AJAM_SPARK_FM and AJAM SPARKLIGHT, as well as AJ BLOWTNR UP, JAZZ CONT BEND, AJAM CLASSIC BN ( Flute ).
The AJAM CLARINET B is a nice Idea, but the reaction is much too slow. I´ve to press the key at least 0,5 seconds prior I want the sound to be played ( the „running up“ starts too late )
7. The startup time is more than 5 minutes, that should really be shortened ( especially, if the Audya get´s a hangup it´s a very long time. Disabling ins.autoload is not the best solution… )
8. The added mp3 files look a bit like “copied from somewhere and pasted to the ssd”. Some with ID3-tags, others without any… I know that anybody has it´s own structure ( sorted by date, name, interpret, folders… ). But this collection looks a bit like “chaos”.
9. The same with the midi files. I started only a few of them, some seem to be very good, others quite bad.
10. A few “SFX” Sounds missing ( like dog2 )
11. DJ-Loop Folder “Music” missing
12. I couldn´t see the DVDs on my dvd-player ( on PC everything is working fine ), maybe caused to the US-NTSC format, in Europe, especially Germany, we use PAL. Or it may be caused by the region-code.
13. Switching Registrations takes a lot ( TOO MUCH !!! ) time, sometimes up to 3 seconds ! I didn´t use registrations on my "old system" so I don´t have an idea if it´s a specific AJAMSONIC problem wink
On my bluray-player everything works fine now.
I only took a little sneak-view. No time to view it completely so far.

Let me continue with a few thoughts how to promote the Audya / Ajam a better way.

The best advertising results from customers that are satisfied with their product. Audya has so much features that are explained… NOT ! ( I din´t watch the complete AJAMSONIC DVD right now, forgive me If it´s explained there ! )
How to use the sampler ? Keytunes, Intelligent transpose, remix live guitars, VoiceSet / Regload modes, difference between factory and custom startup and so on.
A DVD ( like AJs ) is one way, but like for Yamaha keyboards there sould be some books available that explain in detail any setting possible. And give EXAMPLES, how to use that !
Another important fact is : We need a very good demonstrator ( I only can talk about Germany ! ). Sombody who´s a very good player ( as AJ seems to be one ) AND who can elate / inspire the audience. Maybe making a few jokes, and of course able to explain and demonstrate ANYTHING Audya can do.
I saw a video on YT ( as far as I remember with Robert Messier, where he was talking about how to create own Audio-styles ( something about “superstition” from Steve Wonder) ). But it was not shown HOW TO DO that.
I think English language in a book won´t be a big problem, if somebody has problems he could use google translator ( sometimes with funny results I must admit laugh )

As a conclusion : For ME the AJAMSONIC was worth almost any Cent it cost, but there´s still place for a few improvements.

The only thing I need is much more time to use my Audya, but I don´t earn my money with making music wink
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Re: AJAMSONIC REVIEW - 02/09/14 01:06 PM

Hello Snoopy,

Please, can You tell me witch IDE / SSD adaptor You are using (Manufactor, Type, Vendor) as i still got problems with mine, and looking for a full working Adaptor.

Thanks in Advance, best Regards,

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Re: AJAMSONIC REVIEW - 02/10/14 10:28 AM

Hi Carlo,

This is the link to the ( german language ) website.
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Re: AJAMSONIC REVIEW - 02/11/14 07:39 AM

Vielen Dank, Snoopy,

Habe gleich bestellt.

Many Thanks, Snoopy,

Have ordered immediately.

Schöne Grüßen,
Best Regards,

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Re: AJAMSONIC REVIEW - 02/17/14 12:31 AM

Originally Posted By: Snoopy
4. I can´t load any of he *.msp files ( arpeggio ), I always get an „msp system error“. I´ve got approx. 40 MBs of free ram, so normally this should work. Adding „normal“ .ins files works without problems.

Hi AJ,

I have the same problem - can it be fixed?

All the best,

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Re: AJAMSONIC REVIEW - 03/21/14 11:44 PM

Working on it...
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Re: AJAMSONIC REVIEW - 08/08/16 06:44 AM

Hi Aj,

Any update on this problem? It also seems if I can no longer to a manual load or edit of my RBK file because of this.


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Re: AJAMSONIC REVIEW - 08/12/16 01:02 AM


Everyone over here knows that I am a GREAT fan of Ketron as well as AJAMSONIC products, so I have no agenda or time for sensation seeking and/or badmouthing these products in any way!


I also considered changing the rbk on my Audya file using a hex editor & surely this is easy to do. But!!!

Here's the current situation I find myself in:

Currently, with the AJAMSONIC upgrade installed, MSP files can * * * ONLY * * * be loaded on start-up & * * * ONLY * * * through the activated rbk file. I can no longer load MSPs myself to listen to them before deciding which ones to put in the current rbk file using a hex editor.

This is a * * * MAJOR * * * defect as I can no longer use those wonderful MSP sounds to my personal taste. Someone ought to * * * FIX * * * this & JUST as is the case with styles, I suspect it has once again only to do with copy protection.

Good heavens, the price we users have to pay for others to copy protect their work!!! It is hilariously silly really compared to for instance Yamaha!

Come on you culprits responsible for this. * * * YOU BROKE IT * * * It WAS working perfectly. Now * * * PLEASE FIX IT * * * so that we can once again sing our praises to your products as we used to openly!!! Keeping silent on the issue is not going to do anyone any good.

I do coding for serious process automation systems for a living. If do do something similar & do not fix it immediately, I would be fired!!!

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Re: AJAMSONIC REVIEW - 08/19/16 12:38 PM

I'm sorry this is your current situation. I'll assume you have contacted Ketron directly ?