this is a short review of my impressions on AJAMSONIC ( SSD-Version ).

1. Installation was absolutely no problem ( ok, it wasn´t the first time I opened my Audya5 and changed the hd / ssd )
The delivered IDE / SSD adaptor caused a few errors ( init-phase, reading errors, system hangups ), so I replaced it with mine, no more problems so far.

2. One of my favourite styles ( „*Polka“ from the ballroom-section, Ketron PenUpdate 2011 ) didn´t work correct ( no Bass in Var A and C ). After a new installation oft the 2011-stick it worked again… until I changed the „ins. Autoload“ to the „all_128A.rbk“.
So I added the relevant Instruments ( Bass&Guit + Italostrat.ins ) manually to he „piano-ins“ page. Trying to save this new setup didn´t work, no idea why. So I changed the all… with a hex editor, now everything is working fine.

3. All my “startup” settings ( splitpoint, tabs and so on. ) were gone, I had to do a lot of work again. After thinking a few minutes about it it´s quite normal that these settings will go lost…nevertheless :
A hint in the installation manual would be helpful to write down all relevant settings PRIOR starting the update wink.

4. I can´t load any oft he *.msp files ( arpeggio ), I always get an „msp system error“. I´ve got approx. 40 MBs of free ram, so normally this should work. Adding „normal“ .ins files works without problems. The „clean all“ feature didn´t work as well.
Meanwhile AJ told me that this problem is caused by the Audya´s operating system, it´s a "known bug"

5. Even though I won´t need a lot of from the new styles, they sound great.
6. The voices : I really LOVE the AJAM_SPARK_FM and AJAM SPARKLIGHT, as well as AJ BLOWTNR UP, JAZZ CONT BEND, AJAM CLASSIC BN ( Flute ).
The AJAM CLARINET B is a nice Idea, but the reaction is much too slow. I´ve to press the key at least 0,5 seconds prior I want the sound to be played ( the „running up“ starts too late )
7. The startup time is more than 5 minutes, that should really be shortened ( especially, if the Audya get´s a hangup it´s a very long time. Disabling ins.autoload is not the best solution… )
8. The added mp3 files look a bit like “copied from somewhere and pasted to the ssd”. Some with ID3-tags, others without any… I know that anybody has it´s own structure ( sorted by date, name, interpret, folders… ). But this collection looks a bit like “chaos”.
9. The same with the midi files. I started only a few of them, some seem to be very good, others quite bad.
10. A few “SFX” Sounds missing ( like dog2 )
11. DJ-Loop Folder “Music” missing
12. I couldn´t see the DVDs on my dvd-player ( on PC everything is working fine ), maybe caused to the US-NTSC format, in Europe, especially Germany, we use PAL. Or it may be caused by the region-code.
13. Switching Registrations takes a lot ( TOO MUCH !!! ) time, sometimes up to 3 seconds ! I didn´t use registrations on my "old system" so I don´t have an idea if it´s a specific AJAMSONIC problem wink
On my bluray-player everything works fine now.
I only took a little sneak-view. No time to view it completely so far.

Let me continue with a few thoughts how to promote the Audya / Ajam a better way.

The best advertising results from customers that are satisfied with their product. Audya has so much features that are explained… NOT ! ( I din´t watch the complete AJAMSONIC DVD right now, forgive me If it´s explained there ! )
How to use the sampler ? Keytunes, Intelligent transpose, remix live guitars, VoiceSet / Regload modes, difference between factory and custom startup and so on.
A DVD ( like AJs ) is one way, but like for Yamaha keyboards there sould be some books available that explain in detail any setting possible. And give EXAMPLES, how to use that !
Another important fact is : We need a very good demonstrator ( I only can talk about Germany ! ). Sombody who´s a very good player ( as AJ seems to be one ) AND who can elate / inspire the audience. Maybe making a few jokes, and of course able to explain and demonstrate ANYTHING Audya can do.
I saw a video on YT ( as far as I remember with Robert Messier, where he was talking about how to create own Audio-styles ( something about “superstition” from Steve Wonder) ). But it was not shown HOW TO DO that.
I think English language in a book won´t be a big problem, if somebody has problems he could use google translator ( sometimes with funny results I must admit laugh )

As a conclusion : For ME the AJAMSONIC was worth almost any Cent it cost, but there´s still place for a few improvements.

The only thing I need is much more time to use my Audya, but I don´t earn my money with making music wink

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Greetings from East-Frisia ( Northern-Germany )