Hi GJ and Bill Thanks for your quick reply I had a kn5000 in the year 1999. Since my kn7000 fail on me I bought another kn5000 that I enjoyvery much But now I have to re learn my kn5000 At that time I have use your web sites and plenty of stuff for all the technics members and I am still on your web sites.A chance that your web sites are sill in operation
So I have lost all the sequensers ,maybe some one should send me some Ill appreciated.
Bill if I remember whe I had the kn5000 ,on the screen it was mark V10
But the kn5000 that I bought the version was version 6
and I download the version 10 without the version 7,8 and 9
I dont know if its ok
The version 10 came from:
Again thank you
Audya5,KN2600 ,monitors Focal Alpha80,mixer yamaha