Hi,Last week I bought an kn5000 like brand new (no finger print)

I have done a check for the update
I press on split+auto play+variation 3-4=result
Main program 1330=version 6
Main table 87
Sub program 140
Sound table 55
I had to upgrade with the last version 10
I update version 10 by pressing the panel memory 1 2 3 4
the update was successfull
I when back to make a check by pressing again split + auto play
+variation 3+4 and the result was
Main program 1354
Main Table 87
Sub Table 142
Sound Table 55
After I press digital drawbar+accordeon reg+gm special and on the screen right bottom it was V A
I would like to know why its not V10
Is it because I did not download the version 7,8 and 9 ???
I just whent from version to version 10
Thanks for your help
Audya5,KN2600 ,monitors Focal Alpha80,mixer yamaha