Originally posted by Audrey Turner:
As Secretary of a local Keyboard & Organ Club I am in the priveleged position of having been able to listen to and play the Tyros 1, Tyros 2, Casio, Roland, Orla and of course KNs. Because of the complexity of the Roland it has now been changed for a Korg PAX1.

The Korg PAX range would be my choice if I had to change because I liked what I heard and it is more 'User Friendly' than most (on par with the KN7). However, I'm sure at sometime or other, you will have played with full sunlight/lighting shining directly on to your screen, rendering it almost useless so, until Korg bring out a model with a tilting, raised Screen like the KN7, I am not even going to contemplate changing my keyboard.

Meanwhile, just in case problems arise with the KN7 and coupled with the fact I have a large library of Technics disks and my own setups, I've bought a "near new" second hand KN7 as a stand-by so hopefully, I'm fully covered for the foreseeable future.

Aud (U.K.)
Hi Audrey,
You state that you have a large number of Technics styles, can you name some of them or is that breaching copywrite?