I feel it’s important to consider the support and material that is available when you buy a new keyboard.
I agree that korg is the closest to the KN7000, but it tends to favor contemporary music.

The keyboard with the greatest amount of free styles, registrations, sounds, pads and support is Yamaha. It is one of Yamaha’s selling features.

Opinion; If you are thinking of going to a new keyboard don’t try to find one like the KN7000, there are none, the KN7000 is one of a kind. I bought two Tyros 1 keyboards, I could not make them sound or work like the KN7000 so I sold them. I never gave the keyboards a chance, I never understood what they could do. There are so many new features on the new keyboards, keep an open mind.

Where’s my heart – in a new KN8000 not in a Tyros 2, I bought it because I could not find a more suitable keyboard for my needs.

John C.