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"starting to wonder if Yamaha is listening to us anymore or is the next wave of arrangers gonna be a big disappointing REHASH of some kind."

Why would this time be any different? smile
I actually love some of the Yamaha audio drum styles (that's what they are, all other instruments are midi). The problem is that many of them are too song-specific to be of general use. At least on the S950. I haven't paid any attention to the bigger number of them on Tyros 5.
I used the audio acoustic jazz and swing styles a lot. One downside is they make the traditional Yamaha drum kits sound really bad in comparison.
Nothing at all wrong with midi drums. I just wish Yamaha would put better ones in their arrangers. They certainly have them in the synths!
Fire away. I can take it! smile

Don once you play & hear those SD7 drums on your NEW Ketron unit drums Yamaha's will be a thing of the past....just sayin' ;-)

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