For many years Motif was Yamahas most advanced Instrument, but when Yamaha throw in the XF, the T4 took over the flag... And then came the CVP 609, which was actually close to the T4 and many things like the touchscreen and the piano sounds passed T4

Now we are in a country where Tyros 5 reigns Yamaha country like a king...
But next year the CVP 709 will be around... And it will be tempting for homeplayers for sure, and they are not only tempting home players, but also composers and everyone writing music...

The CVP 707 will be like a combination of T5 and CVP 609 .. Everything we know from these instruments will be in there, except for the sliders(there are sliders on the touchscreen)

On top of that the topmodel CVP 709 will have
- 8 assignable knobs
- 2 gigs of expansion memmory, with memory management onboard
- big SSD drive
- 16 track DAW build in, recording and playing both audio and midi tracks, compatible fileformat with cubase
- scene launch mode
- 10" touchscreen
- over 2500 high quallity sounds build in
- over 800 styles
- next generation build in arpeggiator
- new style types, dynamic style
- 8 keyboard sounds, 2 left, 2 main, 2 layer and 2 solo
- 8 OTS settings
- fully playable orchestra sounds
- Synthzone expansion ( feature from the new upcomming workstation )
- pedal unit expanded with 2 assignable volumepedals and 5 assignable switches
- 3 touchsliders
- 2nd bigger screen build into the musicreader stand..

Which surprises me since the cvp 609 is allready in a league of its Own
but then, CVP are hot in europe, and are bought by people that have a lot to spend
People around 40 with kids, mum plays and the kids play, and mum loves the stylefull look of the instruments ( its the same mum that hates the look of an arranger )

Does targetting those few people that compose and write music warrant such a huge upgrade?

Or are they trying to get the T5 players to these even more advanced instruments? While adding more deejay features to the S960 to pull in the youth

( from the same source that predicted the audio styles and the ensembles on T5)

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