I think there are way to few options if you want to choose an arranger module to add to your workstation instead of a full arranger...

Ofcourse there is Ketron, they have Midjay plus, midjPro and Audya 4.

Then there is Roland with the BK7M

And then there is Wersi with the EX1, which is still on par with the other arrangers if the software is updated but only available as a used instrument.

All other used arranger modules are outdated. The 2 biggest arranger companies are not players in this market.

And then there is always the option to use V-arranger which to me has all the functionality these other hardware modules offer.

Why arent there more arranger modules? because an arranger module is extremely flexible and it allows you to add arranger capabillities to any Workstation (kronos/FA/Motif/MoXF) stage piano (Nord stage/Kawaii MP series/roland RD series) or Synths (JP80/Vsynth/Nord/) or just as pert of your masterkeyboard setup...

If you want a portable hammeraction 88 keys keybed in combination with styles, then a module is your only option if you dont want to add a 2nd set of keys and still be portable..

(yamaha Clavinova series are not an option as they are anything but portable)

I think there is some room in this market segment.

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