Hi again,

The only three noticeable problems I've had with my Audya were these:

1. Sometimes after doing too many things too shortly in succession, my sound became all distorted. a Reboot ALWAYS solved this. It only happened on rare occasions & NEVER whilst performing live, so no big deal.

2. Sometimes, when I copy MP3 files from the SSD to USB device, it copied completely different files than the ones selected, also from completely different directories. Also no big deal as I normally only do this at home after our home recordings.

3. Sometimes, the drums on certain styles still got out of synch. Yes, this did happen when performing live, but also no big deal as I just cut the current song short & start with another one. It's normally always the same styles and the simple solution would be not to use those for live performances. I'm only talking one or two styles here - nothing serious or major at all! And I think I've included grooves with all of those - maybe just a tad too much for the processor to handle!

I'll inform you if I still experience any of the above. Too soon to tell for now. Please note than I'm PERFECTLY satisfied with my Audya. And note that I use many modified midi styles that I've converted from other brands and also by adding audio sections into it. I think that the Audya handles this very well, as no other arranger on this planet can do same.

I think I do notice much faster results with the "search" function, but I cannot state this for a fact as yet. I can now at least select any of my search findings & use it. Not sure if I could do the same before...

Hope the above helps. Keep well all,

Make sure you'll fly forever!