Maybe I got too exited too soon. I have to check this first. I had 5.0A & I could not do this... Maybe you talk Audya 5 only with the user definable buttons...

My Ajamsonic Audya takes 5 minutes to boot & it is close to midnight in South Africa. I'll check this in the morning & post my findings over here.

Okay, I know now what you mean as I have always used it. Yes, you can play the intro again, but you cannot loop it. You have to wait for it to finish and to start playing an variation before you can select it again. I want to loop it for as long as I want. Big difference and my Audya can still not do it.

Ketron, I gave you praise where you did not deserve it and I take it back. You nearly made me happy there for awhile... Shame on you for not listening to the requests of your dedicated users!

Make sure you'll fly forever!