A few years ago when I was deciding between a Korg or Yamaha I had been concerned about the availability of styles for a Korg board.

I now have two style SET's with many more styles than will fit in the Pa600. I have friends that regularly jam. The music they play is mostly older Country (e.g. Hank Williams to George Strait), older Pop, and a bit of Pop Celtic (e.g. Wild Colonial Boy).

Although I do enjoy a little of the Boom-Boom of the popular "Dance/Rave" music, it's not something I would actually use. So is there a way to pick the Country styles from one SET and overwrite the Dance/Rave styles of the currently installed SET or combine them into an amalgamated SET?

I noticed that there is a Korg PA Manager recently listed, but how was it done before? I haven't noticed anything in the Korg manual. Is there an earlier thread somewhere on this?
Monty -- KORG Pa600