Yes, I believe the Pa600 is the same.

I've been reading a tutorial "How to customize a style bank" at and I think this is how I would do it:

- Connect my second styles SET to the KB via the USB port,
- open the SET folder and select the desired bank and style,
- select the target location where I want a style from my first SET overwritten.

I think where I initially went astray was thinking I would do this combining of styles from my two huge SETs separate from my KB using just my PC alone. (I guess that is where the "Korg PA Manager" that was recently released would be used.)

Am I correct in assuming that most KB owners do the same thing, pick and choose to make their own very large custom set and then back it all up so they don't have to do this detail combining more than once and then just add the odd new style to their custom SET when needed?
Monty -- KORG Pa600