Chas, no sexual fantasies on my part - I'm much too old for that. I'm smarter than that as well - at least I think I am. Hopefully, I'm having as much fun entertaining as my audiences are having on the dance floors and sitting at the bars and tables singing along with me. This is show biz. I'm not nearly as competent as a musician as you and most of the other folks on this forum, and never will be. Sure, I'm still learning, but that has always been the case with me. Now, I think I can hold my own as an entertainer, but I am well aware there are many that are better than me in this aspect as well. Now, when the entertainment biz/show biz is no longer fun for me, that's the day when all my equipment will go on Ebay, I'll walk away from the forums, and I'll begin pissing away the kids inheritance on the sailboat.


Gary cool
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