One thing for sure though, they sure are puurrrtty. In fact, among musical instruments, guitars may be THE most 'handsome' of the bunch. Large Grand pianos are up there too. Sadly, flutes, saxes (ugly), upright pianos, clarinets (seriously?), oboes, ....all range from bland to downright homely. Even my beloved 'B3' wouldn't raise an eyebrow if not for it's magnificent sound. And how about ukuleles; they look like ugly little runts (sound like it too). Violins are okay but don't have the 'brashness' and 'in-your-face-ness' of even a run of the mill guitar. I own 6 (several inherited) and can't play a single chord, but damn, they look so good in your studio or rec room or parlor.

So yeah, Dave, I don't know what it sounds like but I'll give it a "10" for looks.

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