The night life, and the entertainment industry specifically, has always been more of a "La La Land" than reality. Everyone is freshly showered, strutting their stuff, lowering their inhibitions ... and we, as entertainers play a large part in this little mating dance that they came to do. Sure, we have our true fans, but it's all make-believe for the most part. It's a few hour fantasy-land .... a chance to blow off steam, loosen up and brush away the dust of life. We serve a valuable role in facilitating those actions, and I'm proud to be a part of their lives, if only in a small way for a short time. I've made many lasting, true friendships while singing, and even met my wife at one of my old haunts. The praise, the tips, the flirty smiles ... naw, their not REALLY real, but they ARE a part of the game, and the game is real. We've all played it, and for the sake of the business - I hope it never stops.
Nothing wrong with a pretty lady giving a nice old man a smile to say ... "Thanx for the music"
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