[quote=Bill Lewis] However when they request the Good Girl what would you do, start searching for the right Style and sing it ?

First off the popular song on the charts today by Robin Thicke is " Blurred Lines" not "Good Girls" which are lyrics in this tune..lol..
The rest I agree with Bill to a point, give the people what they want, "mix it up big time" Live play & Dj and make lots of $$$$ or sit home and make squat! frown .......no body cares they wanna dance and hear whats on the radio at the moment at most of these gigs. Then many times turn it all around and go ballroom all night, or Latin, or old school big band too...
be very flexible. I'm glad I can do one, or both, & sing for a living,...carry on,.. cool2 Would you rather have one thing to eat on a Buffet.........or 20 different choices? wink

ya dig? cool2

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