[quote=Fran Carango]Coming from the BK5..I know first hand...I want a touch screen...The edit parameters are in the BK9..I just don't want to deal with the non touch screen approach...Had enough with the BK5..
Same reason I have no interest in the Tyros5..
I think roland purposely left out the touch screen to keep the price down. Even with that I think the BK9 is expensive. Must be a lot of cost to make up for their R&D.
I also believe they did give you the capability of having a touch screen by designing the BK9 to work with the IPAD. Want a touch screen with your BK9 get an IPAD, and the beauty is the IPAD is good for so many other things so its not just more money spent for your keyboard.
I will be getting the new Ipad Air soon and I think that of all the things I will do with it on the music end it will be for DJing, and music reading, not as a live tool for editing during a gig. (BTW a sidebar note on Djing these days. Just lost a gig because the girl in charge wanted me to have the capability to download any song anyone requested during the night. I hate it when the guests start running the show so I'm glad it didn't work out. But another reason for an IPAD or Laptop )
When I play I'm too busy playing and singing to start making adjustments. I want everything set before I take the unit out. Lots of tweaking before hand but its worth it.
All in all the think the BK9 is a great, get one, LOL. The weight, sounds, most styles, flexibility of use, and I don't even mind the semi weighted keyboard too much. Firm enough for a good piano feel yet still good for doing organ stuff, a good compromise.
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