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Donny, the BK-9 is the 'smaller, lighter' G70...

The action is easily the equal of a PA3x or T5 but with no aftertouch (you are already used to not having that from the S950), the drums and overall sound is just like the G70, only MUCH better (fatter basses, more drumkits, better percussion).

Pretty much everything you liked other than the touch screen is better, and the iPad app gives you detailed voice and Performance editing well past what Yamaha's can do.

Maybe they are hard to find to listen to, but it strikes me that Roland addressed just about every issue that users of other brands didn't like in the G70, especially the weight, despite still providing a quality action and buttons, etc..

Perhaps, if there was a lot you did like in the G70, now is the time to give this gem a listen? Try out the Chord Sequencer (great for soloing, or getting out front if in arranger mode or playing another instrument - accordion, anyone? LOL), grab a few audio loops of great percussion and jam along with them in sync with the style, marvel at how ballsy and live sounding it is.

An S950 and a BK-9... now that's a pretty potent combination...

Diki.......as soon as Fran gets his BK-9 I will certainly try it at his studio and give it a good demo.... cool2
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