Personally the my G70 sounded more live in a raw kind of way as does Korg Pa3x, Audya, and my old X1/SD-1/SD5/Midjay for that matter, & that's good IMO for a duo or band situation,...if the G70 was smaller and "much lighter" I'd still have it,..
All my Yamaha units Tyros included have a certain CD tight compressed sound which I'm now used to and enjoy playing. They are very easy KBs to operate on stage and have just enough of all the necessities in styles & sounds needed for mostly any gig I do as I make sure to make them sound that way.All the fluff sometimes isn't necessary but good to have when you alone on stage. G70 for me trumps Yamaha in the editing department bar none, I miss the ability to dissect every part of a drum set & its timber & sound or a style and make it your own using makeup tools...or just change the groove on the fly,real drawbars too, and the keybed is gutsy although I prefer a lighter feel (personal thing). Yes its a bit dated, but many features are just timeless in the arranger KB world. T4/T5 out of the box is stunning to say the least only if your a good enough player to execute the voices and play them the way they should be done.
Tyros 5 will be a winner in every sense of the word...maybe having both G70/T5 could be a nice thought.
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