Now, maybe I'm just a bit paranoid... but I'm kinda wondering, after Donny's gushing cheerleading for a product he hasn't even heard, what exactly is his agenda in asking this question..?

Now, perhaps he ISN'T just trying to stir things up for his personal amusement. There's perhaps a very slim chance he actually cares...


Thing is, Donny used to have a G70 for a while (or has played one extensively, I forget which). He is the very person who ought to be able to answer his own question. But it's very telling that he makes no effort to have any opinion. Just a desire to ask the question... Suspicious? You be the judge.

In fairness, if you feel the need to stir up controversy trying to compare an arranger barely out with one released in 2005, feel free, but don't think we don't know WHY you are asking it..!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!