Thank you so much AJ. I see now how the assigns work and will try that but you may be right about it having to be checked out as I had a few configurations working to my satisfaction but after saving and switching on again the audya outputs had all changed again.But, at least I have left and right working for now.

My more immediate problem is that I can not get the sliders to save the registrations and this is an even more frustrating problem
Somebody has suggested that its only patterns that are loaded in User Styles that can be saved ? I have loaded several patterns [that I previously used on the X1] to a folder in User Styles on the Audya and I named it X1 patterns.
I then go to that folder-select a pattern- and save it to registration. I edit it the way i want and Save , making sure to follow correct procedure as far as i know--making sure blue dot beside Save Slider is ON in window 1/2 and save again and Overwrite by pressing Enter.
The Values of the sliders do save. However, when i come back to that pattern it appears that the Master slider has not saved and the volume is deafining -too loud- even though I had set it much lower when i saved it