Hello Rusty,

The output-assign is not affected by choosing another Preset. If i change no matter witch Otput-assign, then it stays that way. I can not affect the Output-assign by choosing a Preset-voice, or a User-voice, or no matter witch voice.

I have tried to change different Preset-Output-assigns (Preset 1 to 5), all of wich has works fine.
When playing the keyboard, and switching the Preset-Output-assigns, then the Outputs are routed as programmed in the Preset-Output-assign. Just as it schould be i think...

But i can not switching the Preset-Output-assign by choosing another voice or Preset-voice or no matter witch voice.

I is indeed possible to change Preset-Output-assign by calling off another Registration, since the Preset-Output-assigns are remmembered in a Registration.

My Audya react exactly as it schould i think.

Since we both run the same Rel.41B, this can not be a software problem, i think.

Best regards,