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Thanks for reply bernie.

I want to run 4 cables/leads from the outputs on mu Audya to 4 channels on my desk and have individual control on the EQ of each instrument. Thats how I had my X4 running and it worked really well

But , with the audya I cant seem to be able to SAVE that setting -so that when i switch on the unit I dont have to go messing with ASSIGN settings again/

Hello Rusty 999

I have tried this out on my Audya 76.
Everything works fine for me.

In Output Assign-screen, i make the changes that i want, and in same screen i press SAVE. A short message appears : SAVE DATA TO DISK.

After this, i turn back to the Main-screen.
While in the Main-screen i press again the SAVE-button, and F6 - CUSTOM STARTUP.

Turn off the Keyboard, and back on. All my Output assign - settings are still there !

If this is not working for You, then something must be wrong with your keyboard i think.

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BTW, i run Release 41B.