Originally posted by Rusty 999:
Yes you are correct !! there are lots of other problems. And heres just one..
I have just been told by AJ that I will have to return my 2 week old Audya 4 for repair.
The USB is not operating and I am unable to connect to a computer. I also just discovered that the dimmer switch for the screen display is loose-not working as well.
This is extremely bad business in this day and age for a company to be sending out faulty units . Anyone else having this problem?

I think its only fair that I post an up date regarding my post above posted at a time when i was extremely annoyed and frustrated with my new Audya 4. As it turned I did not need to send it back. So that was one good thing. I found AJ very polite and helpful and i thank him for that.
So, 4 weeks into Audya today, and lets see where I am now at.
Well firstly I would like to say that I am impressed. And thats coming from an X4/X1 user of many years and previously had a few different soltons as well
I think anyone buying one of the Audyas must have forward thinking mode implanted in their brain and realize that this will be a great tool AFTER all the problems have been ironed out. I think the possibilities are endless after that.. BUT at the moment its fair to say that things need to improve in a few ways with Ketron. How can they release a new A4 module and expect users to make do with an
A5 keyboard manual. THE A4 is NOT a KEYBOARD KETRON !!! Even the manual that is available for the A5 [online only in my case--the one supplied was in german] is not comprehensive enough. It does not fully describe a lot of the functions properly in my opinion and could be a lot clearer.If for example they had a section dealing exclusively with problems that have been cropping up and a question and answer section: How do I change a midi guitar voice to a Live guitar voice while playing a midifile--or questions along those lines and with a full easy to understand answer. Or better still why not a you tube or a video outlining the pitfalls and the correct way to set up your Ketron.
Why should users have to spend 75 % of the time trying to set up and configure a problematic keyboard instead of playing and enjoying their music which I presume is why they pay exorbitant money for a Ketron in the first place
Anyway, just to say that so far I like what i hear but its such a pity that we have to spend hours on line as well, trying to get help or give help in some cases, to overcome problems that should not be inherent in a new piece of expensive equipment.