Originally posted by Tony Hughes:
.. No the Audya is still on the stand and the PA2X up against the wall...
What have you got now, I thought you were getting an Audya

WOW, the last Audya update most have been good medicine and cured the flue then?
Too bad to have a PA2X Pro standing like that to collect dust. I could keep it
dustfree and in shape for you, just pass it over.

I did not buy Audya yet, too busy drive around the area with our new motorhome
this summer, so the G-70 does the work to keep fingers not forget when find time
and spirit to power it on.
We'll see now when dark nights and winter come what to buy, Audya or anything

Cheers & Happy Playing
Cheers 🥂
"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed
but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)