Originally posted by Rusty 999:
Yes you are correct !! there are lots of other problems. And heres just one..
I have just been told by AJ that I will have to return my 2 week old Audya 4 for repair.
The USB is not operating and I am unable to connect to a computer. I also just discovered that the dimmer switch for the screen display is loose-not working as well.
This is extremely bad business in this day and age for a company to be sending out faulty units . Anyone else having this problem?

I allso haw a to much problems with my Audya from begining when i purchase that instrument.My USB port to PC dont work and I cant conect to PC.To bad.
AJ start to help me thru E mail some time and cant fined a solution to solve a problem.They give up hands from my instrument and dont respond enimore.
One is for shure:Ketron never again!!!!