Hi all,

Here I go again... It seems like what I did for the Yamaha community I'm going to do now for the Ketron community. And I'll do it for free!!!

I suspect that Nigel will make this thread a sticky one in the end as I'll most probably add many other conversions over time.

So, here is my Christmast gift to you all. Roland G70 styles converted to Ketfron SD9, which will play perfectly on your Audyas. They came out close to perfect.

Make another directory under your "User Styles" Call it what you will. Unzip these styles & paste into your new directory. Then use your "Disk" function to access these styles. If one should grab your attention, copy & paste to your "Unplugged" directory.

Keep well all my friends and a merry Christ feast to you all,


E80_to_KetronSD9.zip (141 downloads)

Make sure you'll fly forever!