Hi 124

I've just had 9 mth spell with the KMA so i./ve got used to no sliders. The screen on the pa600 is so easy to use that just touching a track then using the data wheel to make the alterations is not a real problem.

Selecting performances which I hardly ever used on Pa2x is a doddle because the buttons are so close to the right hand.

Style seection I always did through the screen before so that seems normal. I have loaded a blank songbook and am in the middle of loading all my numbers.

One thing I have just discovered that the lyric screen has three diffrent sizes of text on the smallest one it displaays eight lines quite esasy to read and a quick tap on the screen pages up and down one page at a time. Very easy.

I,m not to keen on the balance knob as on the KMA and the Pa800 I assigned one slider to expression and the other to accom volume. You can assign the second knob to accomp vol or balance I'm not sure which to use as yet I suppose I'll learn to live with one or the other. It's a small price to pay for what is proving to be a cracking piece of kit. It would have been nice to have another knob to assign. I suppose could use my EXP-2 pedal assigned to expression, thinking about it I'll give that a try I 've never used an expression pedal since the organ day's.

All the other bits and pieces seem easy to use, as yet.

Time will tell.

Weight which is why I sold the Pa2x seems very manageable even for a 70 year old codger like me.