Hi Guys

First impressions, I haven't been so inspired for a while, please bear in mind I have owned the

Korg i30, the Pa800 the Pa2x and the MicroArranger which i still have, for now. I also had a brief

affair with a Yamaha PSR S900 but as you can see i'm a Korg fan at heart.

So far so good:

The board is a very neat with a distinct lack of buttons, mainy of the functions are now carried out

via the touch screen, ahh the touch screen, all 7 inchs of it, responds far better than previous

models a pleasure to use (Thank you Korg) it was the screen which first tempted me to look at the

Pa600 and I certainly was not disapointed.

I downloaded from the Korg Forum the Pa3x international and the Pa3x Musicant they all load and

play well, I was hoping they would and they do, a real real bonus.

The onboard styles are a collection from the Pa2x and a few from the Pa3x but as I said the Pa3x

styles are available. I also loaded a few of the styles from the MicroArranger these also loaded

and played well, the only snag is the lack of STS or OTS names but of course they are editable.

The keybed feels very good to my taste, I thought I might struggle after using the KMA for a while

but once again pleasantly suprised.

The auto fill systems is something new to me and I find it a bonus, switch it on and forget it. It

works just the same as the Tyros ie a fill between variations and a repeat if you re-select the

original variation. No dedicated fill buttons as far as I'm concerned a big improvement.

I haven't had time to test the songbook feature but it seems to work the same as previous models
this was one feature I really missed on the KMA.

The speaker system sounds good to my ears and I was able to use the onboard speakers as

monitors for my vocals (The KMA speakers just were not up to the job) without a trace of

feedback at relatively high volume, studio is only 10' square, my PA which at the moment I have

set up at home is two Behringer B212d active speakers 550W each according to the blurb.

The master EQ and Limiter is a nice feature the screen display look very similar to the WaveMaxx

screen from the Pa3x, both the features have their own set of presets and you can edit or create

your own if you wish.

I have a selection of Harmonizers, Korg Digitech and TC helicon. I am using the TC helicon at the

moment the output from the harmonzer straight into the line in jacks on the Pa600 and then out to

the PA. The overall sound I am very happy with bur we will see how good it is on the first gig.

On the old models the line input was routed directly to the stereo outputs and the master volume

did not effect it, on the Pa600 the volume the EQ and the Limiter all effect the line inputs another

big improvement.

I've run out of steam, back to the board, I will record some demo's audio and Video as soon as I

get time, until then Bye for now

Any questions I'll be happy to help if I can.

Kind Regards




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