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I MAY finally be 'jumping into the water' with a new kb - not retiring the kn6000 yet, though - I don't have a big budget and the pa600 sounds interesting ...
I plan on checking it out when Frank gets them in at Audio Works ...

I've ALWAYS used buttons for navigation through the board.
How is the learning curve on the pa600, and how is the navigation via the touch screen, especially during live performance? Do you have to do a lot of 'pre-planning' in setting 'registrations/performances' ... how seamless is the transition from style play to SMF, etc., how easy is it to 'store' styles for certain songs or SMFs ...

Tony you're gonna hate it stick with your Technics. eek

We both know Rhode Island is smaller than some cities around the world, and to have 2 arranger players using the same brand is not a good idea. LOL

I know I don't have a lot of time with the way my schedule is but if you make the buy maybe you can put me on retainer for your computer and keyboard problems. bounce

All kidding put aside if you do get one I'd be glad to hook up with you sometime to show you the "how to". Korg is different but I've got a couple of years under my belt to give you live help. Songbook on the Korg "rules". Having a touch screen is great. The only caveat is when I play the T4 I find myself pushing on the screen.