Hi guys, I've been reading your posts for years - some really useful information and opinions - thanks!!! So I've finally got round to registering. I've recently bought a Ketron Audya. I'm based in the UK, and after years of playing professionally and trying many of the top keyboards (Tyros, Pa2x, Pa800, roland G70, Technics etc), I recently tried a Ketron SD1. I was knocked out by the freshness of the sound and so enjoyed playing it that I decided to move to the Audya. I've now had it about a week (done 3 gigs with it so far). Getting on with it OK, although I am having to tweak volumes and mixes of styles more than I did on the SD1. I'll post more details of how it's shaping up when I've had a few more days to personalise it. Like everyone, I'm really waiting for the new styles and sounds - has anyone heard any more? Once again, thanks for some entertaining reading!