thanks ketron Aj for answer, I like registraion and use it but,
about point 1... the use of styles:
you talk that regisration "call" the jazz style ok
but is same like link ? the registration search the jazz style, load it, and change all parametre like sounds volume ecc ?
what I understand with many try is that registration "STORE" the content of style info the file.reg...example:
1. I save registration that use internal jazz.sty, but only change sounds and volume. when load the reg file it load the styles and change volume and sounds ?
2. what append if I save registration that use USER styles ?
what append if I rename or move this user styles ?
it did'nt find the link of it ? or what ?
3. what append if I edit example the "END 1" of this style ?
whan I load reg it recall this new modify with new END ?

as I understand reg.. don't recall the link of style (like old ketron) but STORE the styles into .reg

then if I edit the styles, (not in view mode but edit mode) and edit note, example I clear a midi snare ecc) it is stored into ONLY the user style, but ALL the registration that are link to this styles when loaded have not the snare cleared

or I'm wrong ?

why this ? because I want to create many registration to link of particular style. but I want edit the note, the lengh of intro and ending of this style only 1 time and all registration link it and play the same
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