Just so we understand ...

Registrations are not styles (and the reverse is true). A registration can also be refered to as ...
* Song Book
* Panel Setting
* Panel Memory
* Panel snap-shot ... etc (as used by other manufacturers).

A Registration (REGISTER to be exact) is a memory location (either in the keyboard itself or on a HD or external storage) that stores the settings of a keyboard (style, levels, sounds, effects, midi-settings, footswitch settings, vocal setting ... etc) at any given time. This file can easily be instantly recalled on stage (E.G) for future use.

There are 2 ways you can use a REGISTRATTION.

1. STYLE:- This is where you set up the keyboard to play say a nice JAZZ song and you save the Register as [01] Jazz.reg. Now, whenever you recall this register, it will automatically recall the JAZZ style and voices that were previously saved with it. You can then use this setting to play quit a few Jazz songs that share this similar style and set up.

2. SONGS:- Similar to the above - however you set the keyboard up more specifically for a particular tune, knowing that this register will ONLY be used for this song. In this case, you name the REGISTER the same name as the song .... eg [002] New York.reg. For the next Jazz song, simply select another style, a different voice ...etc and call that [003] My way.reg. Now when you go on stage, instead of recalling just 1 register to play 5 tunes back to back, you can do the same thing but now recall different registers which in turn recall 5 different Jazz styles, tempo, sounds, settings ... etc. This ofcourse adds more flavour and variety to your music, and ony requires a little more set-up time than case 1 above.

Having said that, yes, the Registrations Ketron just provided are settings (not new styles, not new sounds - simply settings). The names suggest what style of music you can use these settings for but they do not suggest any new style being added to the keyboard. So you may see a Registration called Merengue25.reg .... this doesn't mean a new style called Merengue25 has been added to your keyboard. It simply means this registration setting can be used to play a Merengue tune, however 25 was added to the name so as not to conflict with the prevous Merengue.reg file that already existed in your Audya's HD - Registration - Single folder.

The new 3hrs DVD tutorial we just released goes into depth with this, Block Registrations and other features (Sampling, HD Recording and Multi- Recording, Style Creation, Editing or Remixing, Voice Creation and Editing ... etc) not previously well explained in the documents that went ahead.

Contact us at ketron_tech@yahoo.com for more information.

Hope this clarifies the slight 'confussion' ... if at all there was really any.


Design Engineer & Product Specialist.