I had a chance to play the korg in store, and had some mixed feelings....
Does your also load so slow when power ON? I thought it will never start...
Yes, I think the keybed is pretty good. I loved some of the sounds - like guitars and sax or piano they are now very "megavoice".
What I had trouble with - the touch screen, hit and miss for me. The arrangement part - hard to describe it, (as if the arrangements didn't "fit" or were just dressed up old rhythms) and lastly the number of buttons all cramped together where it wasn't always obvious what you had running and what not (as opposite to the tyros "70's russian space program" style lighted buttons that begs no questions).

I played the tyros 4 at the same time and if I had the money I would still go for the tyros as a dedicated arranger. Somehow on tyros everything fits together from the flick of a switch - and boy I am lazy to make things work. But I also have PSR910 so I am familiar with this and I guess biased.

But with tax it is about 5K and that is a REALLY insane - I think they could go away with this for a while, but not any more... better make the next tyros $1000 cheaper.

So I ended up not getting the PX3 and sort of wanting the "next" Tyros whatever it will be. But it is obviously too personal. PX3 is definitely bang for the money, just perhaps not as much dedicated arranger like tyros, more like a Korg workstation with added arranger as "one" of many things.

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