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So what are the strong points, over say Tyros 4? (I am really curious, I don't have tyros 4)
Also what was that thing that put you off on the beginning - you said it felt wrong first you got it? Was it sound, or choices of styles? Or was it too complex?
I listened to many samples of pa3x on youtube, but nothing really "worked" for me.
I have PSR 910 and looking perhaps upgrade it to to TOTL so I was eyeing the tyros 4 for some time (but it is 4500 here... auch)

Oscar, When I demoed it at Audioworks I played Frankieve's 76 key model, he already had it equalized and tuned to sound at its peak. When I unboxed it and started playing it it really needed to be equalized for my sound system. Once I dug in a bit and started tweaking I was very happy with what I heard.

The strong points? I don't have a comprehensive list because I haven't owned it long enough.........but........here's a couple. there's nothing like the keybed! My training was on piano and I believe the action is better suited for someone with piano background. The physical layout of the board is better suited for live play. Vocal harmonizer is superior to that of the T4. It's built like a tank, plenty of metal construction versus plastic on the T4 and despite both boards being 61 keys, it's a lot smaller when placed side by side to the T4.

I watched the demos on you tube and they didn't do a thing for me. It's one of those situations where you have to play it for yourself to really hear it.