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Congratulations on the new Pa3x Steve! Can't wait to hear your full review.

Sounds like the Pa3x is the "sleeper" board of 2011/2012 as many have come out of the woodwork to suddenly fall in love with this board after everyone bashed it when it first came out. You rarely see that happen. Usually, first impressions are lasting impressions.

Al I believe it is a "sleeper" I had no desire to even demo of when it was released , I went to demo it mainly out of curiosity. What I heard made me a believer. I know you had a Pa2xPro and in my opinion this is quite a bit further ahead than the Pa2xPro was (and the Pa2x was a great arranger).

I trust your judgment Steve. It must sound awesome, because you like it and we seem to have the same tastes in everything (what color is your wives hair - mines blond. lol)

I just can't tear myself away from the plethora of high quality styles available for the T4.

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