This is the way I used to do it on my Pa800 maybe it can help some off you....make sense? confused1 smile

1) Select the style you want to use. Set up the four STS's if you can't use the default ones. Do any necessary modifications to tempo, transpose, volume, eq, balance, effects etc just as you would be doing it live.

2) Go to Book Edit Page 1. Fill out the fields (Genre, Artist, Key etc.) Make sure that you check marks in the following boxes:
Write Current Resource
Write STS
All Current Style STS

3) If necessary make further changes on Book Edit Page 2. Give the song an unique "Song Selection Number" (301, 302, 303,...).

4) Press Write

Do 1) to 4) for a number of styles. Now you can put these styles into a custom song book that only shows your own styles:

5) Make sure that "Enable Book Edit" is activated from the menu in the upper right corner.

6) Go to List Edit and press New List.

7) Go to the main Book page and press Add To List for you own entries.

8) Finally go back to the List Edit page and save the list.

You can choose which list that is shown on the Custom List page. You can continue adding more entries to your custom list by repeating 1-8 above, just do the following instead of 6)

6) Select your own list on the Custom list page.

This might seem complicated at first but is actually quite logical when you have done it a few times. And the custom list feature also allow you to have the same song in several lists, i.e. Sleigh Ride could be both in "Donny's Songs" and in "Christmas Songs".

Make sure that you check out page 297 in the manual. It contains a lot of shortcuts that will really help you in a live setting.

It is also important that you understand how "locks" works to get transpose etc. to work like you want it. Go to Global/General Controls/Locks. If an item is locked it will not change when you select a new songbook entry, style or performance. It will always retain the value of performance 1 (Grand Piano eXp). If you want another locked value just modify performance 1 and overwrite it. If you don't want the value to be locked you should open the lock in Global/General Controls/Locks and then do a Write Globals from the menu in the upper right corner.