The value of the Performance mode is just below the Song Book. For example when saving a song in Song Book you have 4 OTS which can add a great deal of you into the song. Korg has created some beautiful performances which I use in the OTS. Saves me a lot of work and truthfully some of them are better than I might create. John Simies has graciously sent me many of his performances; again I must say the same about saving work and the quality is excellent.

Can you imagine playing a Big Band Swing and using the OTS you have prepared; it would sound great. Then you select a trumpet Performance and the song goes downhill. This is the reason I have set up three performance areas for Big Band; one for Big Band strong, another for Medium and one for soft.
When you hear Count Bassie (spelling) and the brass is playing the sound changes completely when he plays the piano. The same happens when someone sings, the band changes.

I love sharing my stuff, it give me pleasure, John C.