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SD1 comes with 307 styles more than XD9

Not quite correct, is it?

Quote XD9 Specifications:

ARRANGER 172 Internal Styles. Rewritable parameters. 4 Arrangers, 3 Intro/Endings, 4 Fill Ins.(1 break).
Interactive Accompaniment & Brass. Manual Bass. Jump. Tap Tempo. Accelerando-Ritardando.
Tempo control. Pedalboard
functions. Rootless & Standard Chord recognition. Automatic MS Style Conversion.

Quote SD1 Specifications:

ARRANGER 131 New Flash Styles (rewritable ).168 ROM Styles. Style setting. 4 Arranger, 3 Intros/Endings,
3Fills Ins, Break, Fill To End, Jump. Interactive accompaniment. Tap tempo. Accelerando & Ritardando.
Tempo Slow/Fast. 1 Touch to Style. Chord solo .
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