SD1 vs. XD9 ... Differences

Posted by: leezone

SD1 vs. XD9 ... Differences - 11/26/08 07:39 AM

can anyone quickly tell me major differences? besides more keys (76) on SD1

are styles better on SD1?
more styles?
sounds better?
more live drum loops on SD1?

Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: SD1 vs. XD9 ... Differences - 11/26/08 11:31 AM

Here you can download manuals and specifications for Ketron products.
The differences/similarities will show when compare the specs

Posted by: DanO1

Re: SD1 vs. XD9 ... Differences - 11/26/08 12:11 PM

Sonically , the SD1 sound better
SD1 comes with 307 styles more than XD9

SD1 stores additional styles on it's harddrive and you access those styles directly from the hard drive.

With the XD9 - if you do not have pattern expansion chip , you can have access to approximately 30 additional styles, up to 198 if you have pattern expansion chip.

With SD1 harddrive- you have access to hundreds of styles

Mic input is on the back (XLR) where the mic input is on the front of keyboard (1/4 inch)

Again , the SD1 sonically sounds a little better than the XD9.

Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: SD1 vs. XD9 ... Differences - 11/28/08 11:33 AM

Originally posted by DanO1:
SD1 comes with 307 styles more than XD9

Not quite correct, is it?

Quote XD9 Specifications:

ARRANGER 172 Internal Styles. Rewritable parameters. 4 Arrangers, 3 Intro/Endings, 4 Fill Ins.(1 break).
Interactive Accompaniment & Brass. Manual Bass. Jump. Tap Tempo. Accelerando-Ritardando.
Tempo control. Pedalboard
functions. Rootless & Standard Chord recognition. Automatic MS Style Conversion.

Quote SD1 Specifications:

ARRANGER 131 New Flash Styles (rewritable ).168 ROM Styles. Style setting. 4 Arranger, 3 Intros/Endings,
3Fills Ins, Break, Fill To End, Jump. Interactive accompaniment. Tap tempo. Accelerando & Ritardando.
Tempo Slow/Fast. 1 Touch to Style. Chord solo .
Posted by: mc

Re: SD1 vs. XD9 ... Differences - 12/10/08 02:54 PM

The XD9 was a scaled down version of the SD1. But the XD9 did offer a few new styles and sounds that the Sd1 didn't. It was a good keyboard for $1800. I had one for a few years until I bought the Sd5.