Hi Marcin,

( at least ) one of your audio-files for the style is corrupted. Maybe as well the *.pat file.

I had a similar problem with the "┬pache" Style.

Ketron should be able to name the file responsible for your problem. And send you a new one via email ( appr. 5 - 15 MB ).

You should urgently check your Audyas HD via scandisk / Windows.

NEVER !!! forget to "unmount" the Ketron-Audya. If you only unplug the usb-cable you┤ll get damages in the filesystem of the Audya-HD.

P.S.: If the "normal" Style works and the problem exists only in the appropriate "User"-Style : Just copy the original "@PARTY_R&ROLL.pat" from "SYSTEM\FACTORY STYLES" into the "USER STYLES\R&Roll". folder.
If the "User"-Style works but the factory not : Copy vice versa wink

P.P.S: I just saw, that you have a simliar problem with the "Kramer_Ballad" Style: So you┤ve definetely a HD problem !

BTW: The "Kramer_Ballad" is most probably named as ist is because of the german song "Am Tag als Conny Kramer starb" from Juliane Werding. The original version ist "The day they drove old dixie down", but I don┤t know the artist blush

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Greetings from East-Frisia ( Northern-Germany )