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Old OS on Audya was some better because I can play when I use keyboard style and sometimes freez instrument-I hope new OS 42B fix this bug..but now is much worse...any time Audya Froze - few styles.I not have problems when i use MIDI files-on new OS play ok-old sysytem when I play some few MIDI`s he lost track- normal midi files have 16 tracks-when i play few times midi Audya play only 9 tracks (no bass and drums sometimes play only bass... smirk )

I dont know exsactly what is wrong with your Audya,but I supose something is wrong with your HD.
I want to sugest you to send your Audya back to Italy or take your money back.
I would like to say tank you for the video clips,where ewerybody can see what kinde of troubles haw Ketron coustomers.Allso Ketron enginers can look on You Tube some times....to see what kinde of expensive instruments sel around the world.
Good lack to you