Today i start play on Rock&Roll Style....I record this and now i send this on YT.First time rock&roll was finish like style Kramer Ballad - but on movie i restart AUDYA and play again end style play but not on arr A.I have a situatoin when Audya everything stoped and I must turn off instrument - many times style lose track melody hmm
Like Rock&Roll on arrA when You see on my movie on YT-not all instruments playing,not all drums line-I have drums only when I push button Fill 1,Fill 2,Fill 3 or Fill4...and break.
Normally normally ends as in like of Kramer's Ballad -
I think that it is a defective instrument-I exchanged for a new
Audya....But I need instrument now-I pay 5000$ and what?Give my money back or change instrument for new...Problem on system? I dont think so-this is some technical-some broken plate or defective sound processor.Few minutes and i give link to YT
Audya 76,Ketron SD1+,Solton MS60,Yamaha DGX-630,Roland BK-7m,Hughes&Kettner.