These new Sounds (used both in the ARRANGER and as Lead voices) - or Voice Packs are actually new SAMPLES (that do not exist in your current/standard AUDYA).

The Voice Packs (Synth, Brass, Vocal and Guitar ... for now) each include over 25 new Samples & Effects used to:-
* Create totally new sounds ofcourse (e.g in the SYNTH, PADS and CHOIR category).
* Create new sounds plus Enhance current sounds (especially in the Brass, Guitars and Sax) - using Key On and Key off, velocity switching and Player Mode sensing (to be explained better).
* VCE-2 (Voice Character Emilation version 2) - adds dynamics and instrument character as you play certain LIVE instruments.

With the STANDARD AUDYA, you can only load 1 (One) voice pack at a time from your HD if you purchase Package OPTION#1. Package OPTION#2 also comes with hardware modification and memory expansion which allows you to load ALL 4 Voice packs at once!

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