what I don't understand about AJ update
styles.. of course they have audio drums
but sounds ?
- will be in "ins" format, (then limitation of ram)
- or will be in internal rom ?
- the sounds will be "a program that use 3 internal voice"
- the sounds have new rom sample or what ?
I talk this becuase the last sound upgrade from ketron was nice ok, but all sounds (that has rumos, like sax ecc) was not complete souns but program that use all 3 voice, example sax is a full program, or piano pad is a simple program using 2 voice)
I'm curios to know the AJ pack, as I read the second pen upgrade from ketron has sound only ins format, maybe some drum kit new or modific) plase AJ answere this
and about will be ready to ship, because I'm working program my audya and don't know to stop and wait you and ketron before
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