my xd3 crashes with display flashing off and on as it trys to restart. I have to power off and then it works ok. This happens sporadically and is not linked to any song or proceedure. I love to use this thing live because sequences sound great, but what an embarrassment when it crashes in the middle of a song. It happened twice last night.
I can't use this in a live situation because of this and i'm very fustrated. When this happens, I have to re-configure my settings. ex. midi routing and mute channels in gm (try that when you have 100+ people on the dance floor wating for you.)

I also have a problem with user patterns erasing when trying to record part in another patch. by this I mean all my user bank patterns are gone and I have to re-load them. I mad because unless you remember which banks your patterns were before erasure, you're screwed. I had to re-do midi songs linked to these user patterns using drum mix.